If you had One Sentence

  • Written By: Susan Thixton
  • 10-30-2011
  • Categorized in: Pet Food News

If you had just one sentence to share advice about pet food, what would that once sentence be?  Here's a few one sentences from various pet owners, health professionals, and pet food manufacturers...

"Since having a cat die from the tainted food in 2007, we currently choose food for our new kitty that has limited ingredients, no glutens, few vegetables and grain-free from companies that have not tried to hide or minimize product recalls and we also stay involved by joining pet forums where pet owners share possible early signs of food issues and we confront pet food companies regarding ingredients, food problems, and advertising falsehoods."
Pet Owner

"Stay away from foods that contain grain or fillers, and if you decide on a raw diet, stick to a brand that has been subjected to high pressure processing pasteurization in order to minimize the risk of harmful bacteria."
Phyllis Entis
The Food Bug Lady

"A dog should eat a diet made from foods fit for human consumption, without grains, that includes a variety of fresh meats with fat, bone, and organ meats, with about 15% vegetables."
Dr. Laurie Coger

"Read the label and learn what the ingredients are."
Pet Owner

"Learn how processing to make products shelf-stabilized and convenient not only changes the look of food, but the nature and quality of food, then include a variety of whole, unprocessed foods in your pet's diet no less than twice a week."
FreshFetch Mike
Fresh Fetch Pet Food

“Would you eat it?”
Dr. Cathy Alinovi

(two - one sentences)
"Feed them like your grandparents would have fed her pet.”
“Feed them real food, mostly meat, with some vegetables and fruit.”

Davyd Smith
People Fud Pet Food

"I've researched pet food for many years and my advice is to make your own and if you can't do that, only buy pet food fit for human consumption, it does exist."

And mine...
"Many pet foods aren't what they claim to be; unlike our pets, pet food can lie."

Now...what is your one sentence?


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,


Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author, Buyer Beware
Co-Author Dinner PAWsible


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