Walking nicely on a Leash – First why do dogs pull?


  1. Because they are allowed too. They pull to get to other dogs, smells, people places and we follow on behind.
  2. You must not follow
  3. You get irritated by him, you yell at the dog or grab him, thus he moves away from you.
  1. Because they are overly corrected and they pull to move away from the correction, the owner. If you jerk or tug your dog to teach him not to pull then for the dog this means the slacking of the leash is followed quickly by pain or discomfort. So your dog will try to avoid the loose leash, consequently he is likely to pull more on the leash. To be able to jerk a leash you have to slacken it first
  1. Walking on a leash hurts his neck. He finds it more difficult to breathe due to the tight collar, so he tries to escape this discomfort by moving away.
  2. If you pull, the dog will pull back


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