Meet Zeke Hayes, Zeke is one of our regular Dog  Day Care Guests at Oxford Pet Resort & Spa. He loves to get into the drinking water bucket. Zeke is black lab and he is 2 years old and weighs 54 pounds, his sister is five years of age and her name is Chutzpah, she prefers the doggie pool!

Why don't you come and visit us and check out how much fun our daycare dogs have, I am sure Zeke will share the water with your dog.


Our Daycare Program, designed by Niki Tudge, limits the number of participants and matches dogs based on age, physical activity and personality traits. In addition, dogs less than 20 pounds have their own "Small Paws" daycare in a separate, specialized environment. Our resort dog playgroup sizes are a maximum of five to ensure we can effectively supervise your dog's play and guarantee all dog interactions remain polite and stress free while giving them many opportunities to interact safely with their canine buddies.