ASPCA Newsletter February 15th 2011

It may surprise you to know that sexually abusing an animal is not illegal in Florida. An old law that prohibited this horrifying practice was overturned by a court ruling years ago, and since then, efforts in the Florida State Legislature to pass a replacement law have been unsuccessful.

Introduced in January, Florida Senate Bill 344 and its House companion, House Bill 125, define sexual “conduct” and “contact” with animals and prohibit such acts. We need your help to make sure that this important legislation passes during the current session!

It is time for Florida to join the more than 30 states that have specific laws against this form of animal abuse. It is a felony in 16 states, and can be punishable by five, seven, or even 20 years in prison—and yet Florida remains silent on the issue. The Florida Legislature must clearly address and stop this abuse now.

What You Can Do
Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online
to quickly email your state senator and representative in the Florida Legislature and urge them to get to work enacting SB 344/HB 125 to prohibit sexual abuse of companion, livestock and wild animals.

Thank you for your help, Florida.