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Emily did a wonderful job of taking care of Chloe! I felt very confident that Chloe was being taken care of as if she were Emily’s own pet. After our second boarding using Emily’s services, I didn’t feel the need to check up on Chloe. As a matter of fact, Emily would contact me just to say how well she was doing. We sincerely recommend Emily’s service!

Josh and JennyClermont, FL

I can’t imagine leaving our four-legged baby, Ryleigh, with anyone other than Emily. While on our honeymoon for 5 days, I was not worried at a single point with how she was doing. However, it was comforting to get texts from my dear friend telling me what a good girl she was. We have a very high energy Ridgeback mix who has been compared to the stupid hyena, Ed, from “The Lion King”. Most people get overwhelmed with her high levels of energy and horrible walking habits; so, traveling anywhere without her for the past four years has been virtually nonexistent. When it came time plan for our honeymoon, I knew just who to ask though. Having worked with Emily in public education, I was well aware of her passion for DogSmith and how much patience, dedication, energy, and love she has put into being the best dog care specialist possible. When we picked Ryleigh up, for the first time ever, she did not bombard my husband and I with the “get me out of here” face and whining. In fact, I may even say she was disappointed that Mom and Dad were home. I know there will be many doggy play-dates in the future and there is nobody else who I would ever trust our sweet girl with.

KatelynClermont, FL

My family and I were gone for 4 days in June and Emily took such good care of my dog, Maxx. She took the time to make sure he was exercised daily, did his “business”, was fed, and had fresh water twice a day. Upon our return, Emily had left notes for me about how Maxx’s demeanor was every day, how much of his food he ate, and what she had done to make sure he was comfortable. We also have a fish that she fed everyday. It’s so obvious that Emily loves animals. I wouldn’t have anyone else to take care of Maxx and feed my fish for me when I’m gone. And, she’s so trustworthy and honest. I was able to relax and enjoy my vacation knowing that Maxx was well taken care of. Thanks Emily!

TerriClermont, FL

Our dogs were our first babies, for over 3 years they were our only babies. Leaving them with strangers has never been comfortable and always unsettled us. When I found out that Ms. Conde was going into the dog sitting, dog training business I was thrilled. I’ve known Emily for over 10 years now. I know her as an educator, I know her as a mother and I know her as a friend. When she came over for the introduction of the house, the dogs, and the routine that we have our babies in, she brought her notepad and wrote down everything relevant to ensure that our dogs were safe, comfortable, and not unsettled while we were away. I received updates daily, and even had the option of updates every visit. Upon returning from our mini vacation, Ms. Conde had 3 pages of notes she took during her visits to our house. We knew every detail of our dogs activities while we were away. They were happy, they were not unsettled, in fact I don’t even think they missed us. Ms. Conde not only fed and watered our babies, but she took the time to exercise them, learn their personalities, snuggle, and provide reassurance that mommy and daddy were coming home. I not only will be using Ms. Conde’s services in the future, but I will highly recommend her to other family and friends for any animal sitting needs.

JaniMascotte, FL

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