Greater Orlando Testimonials

DogSmiths do not alter or change client testimonials in any way. The testimonials written here are exactly as they were received.

Emily is wonderful with my dog Lola. Emily always let me know how the visit went and if she ever noticed Lola not acting herself. I recommend Emily owner of The Dogsmith of Greater Orlando for not only being professional but wonderful with my baby Lola

HeidiClermont, FL.

I’ve never trusted a veterinarian who won’t get down on the floor with my dogs and I knew I’d found a jewel when that’s exactly what Emily did during our meet and greet. Let’s be honest you can tell the difference when someone is acting like they are interested in your pets and when they genuinely have an open heart and care about that interaction. I’m overjoyed to say that Emily is the latter. I’m totally impressed with her professional demeanor and her desire to provide great service. My dogs were at ease with her right away and even my cat walked over and started rubbing her head on Emily’s fanny pack. I would recommend her unconditionally. Thanks again Emily. You totally ROCK!!!

DebClermont, FL.

Abby and Curly Girl are old and set in their ways. They don’t take to strangers well. When Emily walked through the door and they took to her right away!

KellieClermont, FL.

We are so grateful to have came upon Emily. We cant not stress enough how good it feels to be able to go away on vacations and know our girls are being looked at by one of the best. She was able to gain our girl’s trust in a very short time and that is a very hard thing to do. You know your furry kids are in good hands when you come home from vacation and they greeted us like we were just gone for a few hours. (We are secretly a little jealous but grateful.

Glory and DianaClermont, FL.

Emily cares for our dog as much as we do! Kyla is always so happy in her presence and we know she’s in good hands with Emily around!

MarieClermont, FL.

I have a loving, joyful, rambunctious, 72 pound, 7 month-old puppy! She desperately needed training, since she is much larger than she thinks she is! I tried a trainer in town who uses the “Cesar Milan” method, but the stern looks and the dominant posturing just wasn’t what I wanted for my sweet girl. Enter Emily. She was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so thankful! She uses all positive reinforcement which Gracie really responds well to. She clearly loves the animals and knows what she is doing. She had Gracie doing things I never thought she would, like greeting my new neighbors with “four-on-the-floor” instead of jumping, ringing bells at the door to let me know it’s potty-time, and more. Her instructions are clear and we practice the activity until I know what I’m doing. To top it all off, I receive emails with notes from the sessions, video links if available to help teach what we are working on, and numerous articles with further tips. I can’t recommend her services enough! I feel like Gracie and I have a wonderful bond because of the training that Emily gives.

DeniseGroveland, FL.

Nick and I could not be happier to have Emily and Bill watch over our sweet puppy while we’re at work! I first found Emily when Nala was just 8 weeks old and brand new to us. Being a first time dog owner, I was very selective with who I would trust to take care of Nala and continue our training with her. As soon as we met Emily and Bill we were sold! Not only do they take great care of Nala-taking her for short walks, playing with her and always making sure she gets her water break from her crate, but they’re always there when we need them! I’ve had many questions for them about training a new puppy and they’ve always steered me in the right direction. They also send a very nice update text to us in a group message telling us how Nala was for them that day and when I get home from work there’s always a nice hand written note about their time. Thank you both for always giving us peace of mind while we’re at work!

Megan and NickClermont, FL.

We have two wonderful labs ages (16 & 2) that have been welcomed with open arms and open beds, and open pantry for our fur babies. Emily and her family host some wonderful sleepovers ensuring that our family enjoys sleep and relaxation when on vacations or business trips.
Our dogs have very specials diets as they are fed an organic diet. Emily ensures a proper diet we have implemented for our pets health.
Our older lab is a cancer survivor and has bad arthritis. Emily is very good with documenting and reporting any and all concerns with our fur children.
Skylar and Kiera get along well with Levi and Josie — and all other guests. You know your dog is in great hands when they jump out of your car and don’t even say goodbye to you!
I highly recommend Emily and her family for all your pet service needs

BelindaGroveland, Fla.

I can’t say enough good things about Emily both as a pet caretaker and trainer.
As a trainer, she is very knowledgable about dogs and they respond to her her incredibly well. She has a soothing demeanor but is also authoritarian in her training as she had my puppy completely focused on her and her commands. As a result, I have such a smart, well trained puppy that now when I walk him he automatically waits and then sits before he listens to my command to cross the street.
As a caretaker, she is also wonderful. As a first time pet owner I was incredibly nervous about leaving Kylo. I knew that I was not going to leave him in a kennel where he would be crated all day and let out just for necessities. Emily cares for dogs in her home and as a result they become a part of her family while she cares for them… It doesn’t get better than that !

LisetteWindermere, Fla.

Dogsmith did 3 daily visits almost the entire month of June. If was the first time that we left our dog that she didn’t get separation anxiety. They treated her with much love and affection and touched base with me daily. They are certified in so many areas, unlike many petsitters. I trust them fully in our home and especially with the care of our dog.

PatMontverde, Fla.