The DogSmith Greater Orlando Pricing

At The DogSmith we provide a high level of personalized pet care and dog training services tailored to meet your needs. Our price list is published below.

In Home Pet Dog Training

Pet Dog Selection Consultation
A 1-hour consultation to assist you finding your new pet dog based on your family's preferences and lifestyle
$40.00 per hour

Pet Care Services Sign up now

Please note for pet care services performed outside a 10-mile radius from the DogSmith home office, a .50 per mile fee will apply to each visit.

While you are away from your home, you can choose from

DogSmith Visit (Home Alone)
A DogSmith Pet Care Technician visits your pet in your home for a 30 minute visit to entertain, exercise or feed pets while you are away
DogSmith Sleepover
A DogSmith Pet Care Technician stays in your home with your pets. The service time is flexible depending on your needs but is normally 7pm to 7am
DogSmith Slumber Party
Your pet stays at the home of a DogSmith Pet Care Technician and enjoys the comfort and environment of a private home and family. The rate covers a 24 hour period

While you are busy at work or with family we can provide

DogSmith Dog Day Care
Let your dog play while you are away for the day or too busy at home with renovations or company. Send your dog to day care in the home of a DogSmith
DogSmith Lunch Break / Dinner Break
Your DogSmith Pet Care Technician visits your pet to entertain and exercise it for 30 minute mid-day break (between 10:15 AM & 2:30 PM / 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM).
Available for dogs or cats $18.00
Dog Romp
Your DogSmith Pet Care Technician takes your dog for a 20-minute walk. Available in weekly or monthly packages

DogSmith® VIP Services

Extended Playtime
When your pet needs a little more exercise or attention after their DogSmith Lunch/Dinner Break or a Dog Romp, extended playtime is just the thing
$4.00 per fifteen minutes
Administer Medications
Your DogSmith Pet Care Technician can administer oral or topical medications to your cat or dog
$2.00 per visit and per number of medications administered
Pet Waste Clean Up
Go Green, Get Clean. Your DogSmith will clean dog waste and small trash from your yard.
Weekly service prices start at $20.00/30 minutes
Pet Shuttle
Your DogSmith will pickup, deliver and return your pets to vets, groomers or any other appointment. This can be part of another standard service or as a standalone service.
If pickup/delivery destination is beyond 5 miles or takes longer than 30 minutes, additional fees may apply $15.00
Never Worry Key Program
Your local DogSmith keeps your house key securely on file should you be delayed returning home, in the event of an emergency, or simply for your convenience if you are a frequent traveler.
$0.00Additional charges may apply for key delivery or pickup $5.00

Spa Services Make a reservation now

Pet Weight Wash & Go
(Bath Only)
Fluff & Spiff Express Tune Up Flea & Tick
1 - 20 lbs
21 - 49 lbs
50 - 85 lbs
86 - 124 lbs
125 + lbs
Tear Stain Removal
Ear Cleaning
Nail Trims

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Your local DogSmith will confirm your exact pricing once you have finalized your customized pet care service plan. Contact Emily Conde for more information on The DogSmith Dog Training & Pet Care Services.

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For general inquires please contact Emily Conde .