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If your dog

  • Drags you on your daily walks
  • Greets you like a linebacker
  • Mugs your guests
  • Potties in your house
  • Growls at friends & family
  • Digs up your lawn
  • Uses your furniture as a chew toy

Then Take Back The Leash!

Dog Training Sit, Stay, Come!

Fetch your local DogSmith Now! We believe that pet dogs deserve the best, the best methods, the best trainers and the best results.

Your local DogSmith is a Certified Dog Trainer and can offer you a selection of different training services & training packages. Read what our clients say about our DogSmith Training Courses.

Testimonials from Group Training

Sam, my then 7 month old Labradoodle, attended a CGC class conducted by The DogSmith in August, 2007. We were most impressed with the comprehensive approach that Niki took in this training – particularly the soft, non-violent techniques – that resulted in a happy and well-socialized dog who likes to train and be around people and other dogs. As a result of this training, we passed the Canine Good Citizen test and are now working to ultimately qualify for therapy work. Chris. Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Rocky, my 6 yr old English Springer Spaniel, & I have attended several obedience classes throughout his life-it is a good refresher for me & we both enjoy it but I especially enjoyed Niki Tudge's class because of her insights and approach as a behaviorist. Also, I really liked that the dogs got the chance to play together while she provided the owners guidance regarding their behavior. Janet F Santa Rosa Beach Fl

Testimonials from Seminars & Workshops

"DogSmith’s are awesome instructors - clear, concise, personable and inventive."
"Excellent class! We had fun, were motivated to learn and learned new skills."
"Thanks for all of your advice, support and encouragement working with my dog-reactive dog!"
"I was provided many useful tools and techniques to use at home to continue training my puppy."
I came to class expecting some fuzzy stuff, I'm very impressed!"
DogSmith Classes are great.
DogSmith Classes seem to attract great dogs, great people, they are a great.

DogSmith Pet Dog Training & Dog Behavior Counseling Services

Private Dog Training Classes - Private lessons are suitable for dog owners who, due to time constraints or certain dog behavioral issues, do not find class training a viable option.

Group Training Courses - DogSmith Dog Trainers offer a minimum of 11 different Dog Training group classes to meet the needs of you and your dog.

DogSmith Dog Training Board & Train Packages - Your dog can stay in the home of a Certified Dog Trainer and will receive a minimum of 2 hours training each day. The remainder of the dog’s time will be spent with the Dog Trainer managing their new and unwanted behaviors through interaction and play and enjoying a family environment.

Latch Key Dog Training - While you are on vacation a DogSmith Certified Dog Trainer can care for your dog in your home and train your dog. Alternatively a DogSmith Certified Dog Trainer can visit your home daily or on an agreed schedule to train your dog.


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