Does your dog drag you around, body tackle visitors or is generally out of control?  Do you have to be away from home for an hour, a day or a month?  The DogSmith is your answer providing you with the unrivaled dog training and pet care that you need now.










Whether your dog is a new puppy or just acts like one.  We have the customized dog training and behavior-counseling you need to bring out the very best in your dog.  We help you make your pet part of the family.  And you’ll never be torn between the demands of your busy life and the needs of your pet.  We offer a wide range of Pet Care programs to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Learn More About How The DogSmith Solves Canine Problems One ‘Woof’ at a time, Satisfaction Guaranteed:

  • Dog training
  • In-home pet care
  • Dog walking
  • Pet sitting
  • Pet nutrition

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