DogSmith Product Review Squirrel Dude 'Pup-sicle'

If you have a chewer or if you simply want to keep your dog entertained and engaged for extended periods try using the Squirrel Dude from Premier Pet Products.  The Squirrel Dude will randomly dispense treats while erratically bouncing around as your dog plays and is available in small, medium and large.  There is also a puppy version available in extra-small, small and medium which are made of softer rubber that are gentle for puppy teeth but durable enough for extended playtime.  The standard Squirrel Dude is highly durable and features a patented “treat meter” that controls how many kibbles or dry treats are dispensed as your dog plays and chews.  For even a greater challenge, and a cool treat all year long, mix your dog’s regular kibble with yogurt or water then stuff the mixture into the Squirrel Dude and pop into the freezer until well frozen.  You can even keep several in the freezer to be used on a rotating basis.  Your dog will delight in the mental and physical challenge of getting the tasty treat out of the Squirrel Dude.  You can even use this method to feed them their entire meal keeping them busy for hours. Contact your local DogSmith for other great ideas to keep your dog physically and mentally exercised.