There is a new service now on the DogSmith website. It is called DogVenture. It is designed as a service offering for Certified Canine Enrichment Technicians.  You can read more about the program here.

This can be delivered as a single service, a workshop or a group class.

The certification program comes along with the Enrichment Assessment forms, these are used to determine what elements are needed for that individual pet based on their home, their daily routine and their learning history.

When you are ready for your final certification videos, having passed the examination and completed all the modules please get in touch with me. As DogSmiths you do not have to submit all the videos as some of them are part of the DogSmith training.

You will need to submit the skill videos for

  1. Establishing a scent
  2. Building a surface circus
  3. Building an enrichment toy