If you have reached the stage in your career where you’re earning a comfortable living as an executive or someone with skills honed over many years in business. Its time to open your own business and benefit directly from your own skills, passion and effort.

Here are four reasons why starting a business may better serve your long-term financial goals:

  • Experience - Few companies hire at a senior level and expect people to come aboard in an entry- or mid-level role. In your own business, you’re immediately at the top of the heap, both in earning power and in the decision-making process.
  • Location - The job you want may not exist in the city where you live, which either forces you to relocate or else downgrade your desires. Starting a business allows you to work wherever you wish.
  • Security - While it’s true that new businesses can fail, there are no guarantees these days that a 50-year-old company will still exist next year, either. By starting a business, at least you have it within your personal power to be successful. If you’re just another cog in the wheel, most of your own financial future is in the hands of others.
  • Personality - The corporate world forces people to conform to a particular mindset. Not all of us are cut out to operate in this manner, but having a maverick-type personality is oftentimes a dead-ender when working for others. This is, however, the exact trait that makes a terrific entrepreneur.

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