Virtual Training & Consultations

Benefit from customised professional advice from Your local DogSmith!

In addition to our group and private lessons and consultation, we specialise in dog training and behaviour consultations via phone, email, skype or other online platforms.  Yes, that’s right, we have been offering clients full training services, support, and coaching via the internet for more than half a decade!

Pet dog guardians all over the world can schedule a virtual training session or behaviour consultation to get live, personalised, force-free dog training advice.  No matter where you live, you have direct access to one of the world's premier dog training professionals. 

The DogSmith of Estepona can assist you with issues such as how and what you should teach a new puppy; shelter dog rehabilitations; general "how to teach" enquiries; behavioural issues such as reactivity, growling or barking and any other dog related questions you may have.

While nothing can replace the value of an in-person session, these phone or video conference consultations can be invaluable, helping you meet your goals and providing long-lasting solutions by teaching you how to use science based, rewards based, force-free, positive dog training methods.  Our telephone, email or video conference consultations are an indispensable resource for clients who are not able to attend a class in person.

The Process:

  1. Complete our private training form, so we know what you would like to achieve.
  2. If you are scheduling a behaviour consultation, then please complete the more detailed behaviour form.
  3. Then please pay the fee – Private Training session €75.00 or Behaviour Consultation €125.00 Pay Now.

After the successful submission of your payment and the relevant form, we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment.

  1. We will ask you whether you would like to conduct your session via phone, email or an online meeting platform.
  2. You may also be prompted to share further information about your dog(s) and the skills, issues or questions you would like addressed.
  3. At the mutually agreed date and time, we will contact you by your preferred method (phone or online meeting platform) and conduct a customised consultation with you and your household members. 
  4. At the conclusion of each lesson, we will email you a summary of your training, homework assignments, appropriate videos, and handouts.
  5. Between lessons, we will provide email and telephone support to guide you on your path to success and help you achieve your goals