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Pippi doesn’t PULL on the leash anymore!!! You are my hero.

S Hayes

Catherine was a delight to work with. She really delivered on all of the goals we set at the outset. Her integrity, communications and performance are second to none. A true professional. (Additionally, all of the ‘Top Attributes’ apply. We were forced, by the program, to only select three(3).) Sincerely, Terry & Mark Newdow

Terry NewdowSanta Rosa Beach, Florida

Catherine is passionate about her job. She is truly a dedicated professional.

Vicki WahlPanama City Florida

She has a lot of patience, and takes the time to develop relationships with her clients to help her gain insights into what they need, and the best ways to meet their needs. I have attended classes where Catherine was the instructor, and found her very skilled in her field. I have used her services myself, and have frequently recommended her to friends and neighbors. I would highly recommend her franchise, 888DogSmith, as a professional, well-run dog training/related services business.

Anne KimmittCallaway, Florida

Catherine conducted the dog training class in a fun, creative and professional manner. She was able to provide individual and group attention during the sessions. She has excellent skills and is a good communicator. I feel like she is an expert in her field and she provided an excellent value for the price. It is evident Catherine is passionate about her work with animals and she brought that passion with her to the classes. I have recommended Catherine’s dog training classes to others without hesitation.

Carol TaylorPanama City Florida

Catherine is an expert in her field. She has had our American Bull dog in training since he was 8 weeks old. And now, he is one of two perfect dogs….the other one is his little sister (a Yorkie). He behaves beautifully around people and other dogs.. be they small or large. I highly recommend that each dog owner hire a trainer; I highly recommend that the dog trainer be Catherine Zehner.

Lou KingSouthport, Florida

Catherine Zehner provided excellent service to me and my two dogs. She always arrived on time and spent even more time than I’d purchased to make sure my questions were answered. My dogs adored her and she was creative and knowledgeable in her training stragies. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to manage the behavior of their dogs.

Melva KearneyPanama City Florida

I really enjoyed the training I had with Catherine and my great dane, Cookie. We had a cross section of breeds in the class, and Catherine was able to work with the individual personalities (dogs and owners) in a very pleasing and productive way. I am looking forward to taking another class with her.

Clara Nellgwyn TortorielloMexico Beach, Florida

I have worked with Catherine in a group class setting with my dog. She was very good at making the people feel good about their work with their dog. She was also very patience with some trying dogs. I also had her to evaluate a puppy that I was finding a home for, she was very knowledgeable on the subject, she also made recommendations for the new owners to follow. I also had the privilege to work with her, with the Humane Society, with fund raising. She is a asset.

Donna WaddellPanama City Florida

Catherine is extremely knowledgeable on positive training methods. She is a joy to work with and has great recommendations for any questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone for their training needs whether it is a puppy or an adult dog. She can meet your needs for obedience, agility and overall dog wellness through nutrition!!

Sharon HartCallaway, Florida

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