wmbb.com - UPDATE: Ebro Dog Controversy.

Ebro, Fla:
There are new details about the animal cruelty investigation at the Ebro Greyhound Park.

News came Friday that 37 greyhounds were found inside one of the kennels at the park, dozens of them dead.

Sunday, Ebro district general manager Mark Hess says five dogs survived, and not just four like the Washington County Sheriff’s Office originally reported.  Hess says four of the dogs are being housed at the Ebro adoption facility.  The fifth dog is in the custody of a licensed vet.

The sheriff’s office has not confirmed that information, but they did say the surviving animals had duct tape around their necks and could barely breathe when they found them.

Officials are blaming 36 year old Ronald Williams.  He was arrested Friday night on 37 counts of felony cruelty to animals.

Ebro officials say Williams was licensed to rent a kennel to house his greyhounds at the faculty.

Authorities still don’t know what killed the dogs.  Williams is in jail and is being held on 54 thousand dollars bond.

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