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Lapdogs have unique needs and require special attention while away from their owners. At Pampered Paws Pet Resort & Spa, home of The DogSmith in Oxford MS, we have designed the perfect accommodations for small breed puppies and lapdog residents. Small breed puppies over 12 weeks of age and under 6 months old, and small dogs less than 25 pounds, enjoy the facilities and services of The Pampered Paws, "Small Paw"  Cottage. The cottage is designed to ensure your pet receives all the attention it needs, whenever it needs it. Just like home. The daily accommodation rate is fully inclusive of all the amenities your dog will enjoy.

Puppy Boarding Each Canine Slumber Party includes:

    • Room service twice each day, (we serve a holistic premium pet food)
    • Constant cuddle loves and play
    • A cozy dog bed
    • A yummy bedtime snack
    • A fun day of play with like sized friends
    • Access to a private garden and toys
    • Private time to rest and unwind
    • A healthy lunch-time snack
    • Dog movies & canine music
Lapdogs $40.00
Puppies $40.00
Infant Care
(under 12 weeks) Includes 7 bathroom breaks and 4 meals each day

Pampered Paws Small Paw

Additional Services & Fees if requested:
Administer Medications Per day - $2.00

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Each Local DogSmith specializes in "Canine Slumber Parties. Your dog enjoys the comfort and safely of a DogSmiths home. Visit us online at to fetch your local DogSmith