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Please email me if you do not see what you are looking for. We pride ourselves on offering individual services to meet the client's needs.

Private Training

No bones about it, your dog has unique needs. Here at The DogSmith we recognize that dog training programs need to be developed around the needs of you and your dog.

Group Classes

DogSmith Group Training has everything you need to establish, strengthen and perfect the bond you share with your pet.

Behavior Consults

Whatever your dog’s behavior issue may be - Your DogSmith is here to help you.  DogSmith Dog Behavior Consultants are uniquely qualified to help you and are experts in evaluating, managing and modifying a wide range of challenging canine behaviors you may be experiencing.

Virtual Training

Flexible, Cost-Effective and Convenient. Get DogSmith’s ‘Anytime, Anyplace’ web-based training. Your on-line solution

Training Retreat

If your busy schedule doesn't allow you the time to train and bond with your dog the way you would like to, our Training Retreat services are just what you need.


Introducing a major breakthrough in caring for your pet dog. We know how busy you are with work and family. DogVentures is our scientifically based enrichment system that helps you promote, improve and maintain your pet’s physical and mental health and well-being.

Puppy Training

Puppies are delightful, cute, funny and highly entertaining. Unfortunately, they do not come with an owner’s manual. We are changing all of that. The DogSmith has developed Puppy Training Programs that provide you with everything you need to train your puppy from ‘cute and cuddly’, through the ‘terrible twos’, all the way to ‘best friend’.

About Niki Tudge

DogSmith of the Villages

Niki Tudge MBA. PCT-A, PCBC-A

Helping Pets Become Family!

The Pet Professional Accreditation Board - Professional Canine Behavior Consultant - Accredited & Professional Canine Trainer - Accredited

UK College of Scent Dogs - Canine Scent Instructor

Companion Animal Science Institute - Animal Behavior Technology – Diploma, Dog Behavior Consultant - Diploma

Certified People Trainer - HCITB

Certified Project Manager & Certified Transformation Specialist

Business Mentor & Coach

Certified Walking & Running Coach

International Sports Science Association, ISSA Certified Elite Trainer, ISSA Certified Nutritionist

Throughout her travels and career, Niki Tudge has pursued her passion of animals. Wherever she worked, she always became active rehabilitating abandoned and abused animals. In 1996 while working in Africa, Niki spearheaded a project, in cooperation with Fauna & Flora International - the world's longest-established international conservation charity working to save threatened species and ecosystems worldwide - to rescue endangered and protected species from poachers and transition them back to their natural environment. This project resulted in successfully saving numerous orphaned chimpanzees, and endangered drill monkeys and preuss monkeys.

It was also in Africa in 1998 where Niki began developing her skills as a Family Pet Dog Trainer. Working with the local Police K9 unit, Niki took German Shepherd puppies, deemed "unsuitable" for police work, and trained them to become wonderful family pet dogs suitable for adoption. Her favorite ex-police dog was adopted by a family in Oregon USA, where she lived out a very happy life on a Christmas tree farm.

Though her work with Africa's wild animals was fulfilling, Niki's first love was always the family pet dog. In 1998 inspired by research on Cape Hunting Dogs at the De Wild Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, where Niki was a regular visitor and contributor, Niki established a personal goal of working with local communities and animal rescue centers to improve the relationship between families and their pets. By teaching families to communicate with dogs and dogs to understand humans, Niki believes we can significantly reduce the number of stray, abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted pets. Niki committed herself to support, through training, rescue facilities and shelters to improve the adoptability of dogs and educate pet owners so that dogs remain a happy, contented, loved, and fully integrated member of the family. "A trained dog is a retained dog" says Niki. Niki believes that there is nothing more delightful than a pet who can participate in family activities and understands how to cohabitate with humans.

My promise to you

As a DogSmith professional, I pledge to use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of pet owners and their pets.

I will practice my profession conscientiously with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of The DogSmith ethics, mission, vision and values.

I accept as a lifelong obligation, the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

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