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Katie and I just want to say what a pleasure it has been seeing the transformation of our dogs, Hamilton and Huckleberry, from their in-home training sessions. Our dogsmith, Tansy, has been wonderful and it is amazing how well our pups have responded to her and her training methods. She has, admittedly, been very good at training me and Katie, as well. LOL.
If anyone out there needs any level of dog training, for any age pups, then Tansy has our vote. We look forward to working with her, in the future. She is super dependable, very accommodating with our schedule, very knowledgeable, and treats our pups as if they were her own. They get super excited when they see her and are ready to work.
Thanks again Tansy!!!

Bubba & KatieSouth Daytona Beach, FL

Tanzy was sent to my home for several reasons. My dog Diddy was scared of his own shadow. He was not kind to strangers. He even gave my vet a warning sign to leave me alone. My dogs are very friendly and loved by all, but I could see that Diddy needed special guidance and training just to be accepted by his new friends. Tanzy has helped Diddy by giving him confidence and the assurance that life can be fun and not a threat to him. My puppies needed to learn basic manners. They respond very well to Tanzy and are growing into respectful trained dogs. Thank you Tanzy for doing a great job with them and with me. I am improving my techniques in managing my lovely dogs. Thanks. Deb


Tansy Barton was simply wonderful with our service dog, Darby. We had called other trainers, but they wanted to used methods such as choke chains to train our dog to walk on a lead. Not only did Tansy successfully train Darby to be a first class service dog, she did it with positive reinforcement methods rather than traditional punishment based methods. She also truly understands animal psychology because her training instilled confidence in our dog that he did not have previously. He was a very timid dog prior to her training, but now he proudly goes out in public with us and he is not afraid. He behaves like a perfect gentleman. I can now take Darby out with me in any public forum and I am never concerned about his behavior. His presence allows me to go out and not have to worry about my sugar levels. Her training not only helped my dog, but she helped me. We could not have done it without her expertise.


Ann RoanSanford, FL

Tansy did an amazing job training us in child/dog safety! Our 1 year old pit/boxer is doing great so far with our 4 week old daughter and, thanks to Tansy, we know what signs to look for in our puppy if he starts to feel uncomfortable with a situation! Thank you for all the help. Being well informed can prevent a lot of accidents!

Nicole FarmerDeltona, FL

We first contacted Mrs. Tansy for advice on what we thought was a behavioral issue. After having a wonderful response, we decided to enroll Balo into Puppy Kindergarten. We are so happy we did. Balo immediately fell in love with Mrs Tansy! She is so caring, and her knowledgeable is so extensive. Any problem, question, or concern we had, she was there with an answer! She shows so much compassion and love for your animal that it is easy to see this is what she loves. Balo responded so well to the positive reinforcement training, and excelled beyond our belief! We HIGHLY recommend her, and will continue to use her services for many years to come!

Josh Buford

Josh BufordSouth Daytona Beach, FL

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