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I would like to take a moment of your time to express our family’s gratitude for Angels expertise and professionalism.

We adopted our fur kid in 2019 at the age of 10 weeks. Shortly thereafter we discovered our pup (Charlie) was very nervous, claustrophobic and overwhelmed with anything new.

I met Angel shortly after moving to Leduc in 2019 at his training and animal behavioural business. Charlie and I walked in the door and Angel observed first hand how terrified she was. Charlie was shaking and cowering. He strongly recommended some Rally and desensitization training.

We took his advice, signed up and attended classes. It was definitely a process, baby steps. Angel brought in pots and pans to make noise so Charlie could understand they wouldn’t hurt her. With guidance and loads of positive reinforcement and treats we even got her to lay down in a kennel. We attended pack walks, Charlie’s favourite activity. Charlie really enjoyed Rally and even did a scent class under Angels calm and positive instruction.

We also took the opportunity to discuss Charlie’s dietary needs. We went through 8 different kinds of kibble with Charlie. She never seemed to enjoy it. Angel introduced us to a raw diet for Charlie, now she loves to eat and is a happy healthy 3 year old.

I strongly recommend anyone with a pup ( no matter the age or issue) or considering getting a pup seek a licensed professional for training.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the advise and tips provided for our pup. Our pup has come leaps and bounds under the guidance Angel has offered. I am also proud to call him a friend.

Anita SigouinLeduc, AB

Angel Rowe is an incredible trainer. He worked with Phantom and I when we were preparing for our Public Access Test to become a certified service dog. His positive reinforcement and gentle training methods worked wonders for Phantom. He picked up on it really fast. I’m thankful for the time Angel took with us. We passed our test with flying colours!

Mandy SewardBeaumont AB

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