Premier Products Busy Buddy line has recently released a great product that will provide hours of challenging fun and play for your dog.

linkables™ toys & treats

Linkables are a great to keep your dog busy and happy because they feature treat openings with Premier's patented Treat Meter that will randomly dispense treats (the Treat Meter consists of small fingers that control the treats so they come out randomly and not all at once).  Simply put treats into the linkable segments and let your dog figure out how to get the tasty treats.  Use a single link as a stand-alone toy or connect several links together for a greater challenge.  The two-part connection point on each toy segment lets you choose the difficulty level for your dog.  Use the first point for beginners and the second point for experts. As your dog becomes expert at getting treats from Linkables change the shape or add segments!

Linkables are made from thick, durable, natural rubber that can be linked together in a variety of ways to create unique shapes.  The natural rubber massages and stimulates gums while your dog chews.  As with any toys, your dog should be supervised while chewing on Linkables.

Thanks to the unique, patented design, you can mix and match the Links to create a variety of toy combinations for your dog. Dishwasher safe in the top rack.

For more information go to: Dog training products that we recommend from Pet Expertise, or contact your local DogSmith.