DogSmith Pet Care Client Testimonials

When I first met Rachel a few years ago I knew she was a good soul. The way she spoke of her Chloe was indeed a clue how much she loved animals. So it was no surprise when she decided to get into pet training as a full time career. Her calm demeanor, patience and passion makes it very easy for her to train and communicate with animals. You will not find a more caring and skilled professional than Rachel!

Lori Matthews

I've known Rachel for about 9 years now and she's always looked after and had a love for dogs so it didn't surprise me that she decided to persue this profession.

She always had a magic touch with any kind of canine. Her calm manner and gentle, yet stern, approach have proved to be positive attributions in her work.

I have had the priviledge of meeting Rachel and Corne's own dog, Chloe, and judging by her behaviour, I know Rachel has chosen the right path in dog training.

I wish both Rachel and Corne all the best with this profession and advise anyone who is looking for help/training their own dogs to trust the 2 of them to turn things in the right direction.

Sally Nevin

Dear Rachel,
While I was fostering a 5 week old male Yorkie/Shih Tzu, I became aware of a nasty little habit that was worsening and I tried to deal with it myself. It began as a little growl just occasionally when I would pick him up, as if he was annoyed. At first, I just ignored it, but in time, he would growl more frequently when he was picked up. In response, I tapped his nose softly and told him, "no growl". As a foster "parent", my worry was to find the best home possible. But I wanted to raise him to be the best puppy possible for his new home. I located an ad on the Internet for The DogSmith, Rachel Williams, and contacted her about my concern. She offered to make a home visit to help us out. Not only did she give me some tips on how to handle this, but also suggested how we could work with our 3 yr old Shih Tzu to learn to stay in the boundaries of our yard. Rachel was very professional, gentle, and calm and it obvious how much she knows and loves animals. We will definitely stay in touch and I recommend her service for anything from basic puppy training to behavioral problems.

Vicky Mack

Corne and Rachel are personally known to me. I have witnessed first hand their skills in training their labrador to participate and compete in dog hunting competitions. There are clearly talented in training dogs. With their new business, having undergone rigorous training of dogs in different techniques, I have no doubt they will achieve excellent results for owners. I believe that all dogs require some training - obedience, jumping. barking or yapping, and with the right guidance, this is easily achievable. Most of us just don't have the time. Trainers like Corne and Rachel will deliver excellent results. I have no hesitation recommending them as professional, sociable and excellent in their skill.

Daniel N. Erasmus

Rachel trained both our dogs, Penny and Zoe. They are extremely well behaved now and follow all commands. Not only are Rachel and Corne great trainers, as evidenced by their own blue ribbon dog, they are great people"

S Balloch

I have known Rachel and Corne for over seven years and have never met two people that are more passionate about what they do. They are very talented and their knowledge of dog training and the correct nutrition have been very helpful to us since we have three dogs in our family. I highly recommend their services since they are caring, dedicated people that love what they do. We love them, so do our dogs and so will yours!

M Erasmus
Jupiter, FL

I moved to Florida with my ageing Chocolate Lab, Hercules, summer of 2008 unaware that I would need to travel so much with my new job. Lucky for me (and Hercules), I became acquainted with Rachel via Corne, with whom I work. They took care of Hercules in their home like he was their own and I could swear that sometimes he was disappointed when I came home!!! Rachel encouraged me to switch his food to "Lifes Abundance" natural food and he loved it and never had diarrhea from the switch. Sadly Hercules had to be put down this spring due to a tumor in his back that caused a herniation of his spine to the point where he could no longer walk. Rachel and Corne were there for me through the sad time and I will be forever grateful. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a wonderful, loving, but knowledgable trainer to give Rachel a call. Their dog, Chloe, is a beautiful example of what effective and loving training produces.

Diane Durell

I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking care of both of my boys I appreciate all you have done!! I am so pleased and see such an improvement in both of them and I would love to continue their development with you! Do you have any recommendations on what we can do ? We will be coming to your class tomorrow morning at the beach.. we appreciate letting the boys stay at your home

Christine & Jason

I just wanted to say having Rachel watch both of my jack Russell’s was a great experience for them! As you know Jack Russell’s come with allot of responsibility and I feel that in just a short amount of time she has taught my dogs so many lessons I wanted so badly for them to do. I will be using her going forward for every occasion such as puppy training classes to having them stay with her over night! I would encourage everyone to invest the time of their puppy with her. It was such a great experience and can’t wait to see more of a positive changes with my dogs. Thank you Rachel!

Christine Palmer
Jupiter, FL

I have to write to thank you for taking care of my Golden Retriever, Abbey (2 yrs. Old), over a four day weekend while I was busy with my Catering Company.

I did consider boarding Abbey with a local vet. Wow… what a mistake as I thought about it. Being confined in a kennel, maybe exposed to unhealthy animals, and bombarded by multiple handlers, in a hectic business environment that is closed and empty at 6 pm.

What an extreme contrast I found in your care. Abbey was in a family environment, introduced to your home and family pet (Chloe), protected, exercised, loved, and handled by a professional dog TRAINER!!!

I can say with great confidence, that my decision to leave Abbey in your care during a busy time with my business was calming to me and an absolute "adventure" for Abbey.

I was impressed at your level of attention, care, and great communication with me over the time that you were caring for Abbey. It was a bonus to receive phone text msgs. and even a quick photo to keep me informed of what she was doing. The caring service you provided extended beyond the treatment of my puppy. I was impressed with your careful attention to activity, any diet concerns, and importance of making a comfortable environment for Abbey by suggesting her favorite toy and her bed.

Lastly, I appreciate you delivering Abbey to my home at the end of her stay with you… I was amazed that you were thoughtful enough to give her a bath. I actually teach “Customer Service” in the Hospitality Industry and I feel that your level of care far exceeded all my expectations and felt compelled to write this note to recommend your business to anyone that is searching for outstanding care and thoughtful training of their family pet.


John Carlino

Dear Rachel

Since your visit, I have had some time to adjust MY behavior as you suggested, and I wanted you to know that the difficulties I was having with Winston and Lincoln have all but disappeared. I was relieved that you did not consider the fighting to be serious, and I am amazed at how a few simple changes have stopped the aggressive behavior.

I believe that your business cards should prominently list “Owner Training” as one of your services.

I want to thank you so much for your time and excellent advice.


Jupiter Beach FL

So unbelievable the way she can "read" dogs and train them accordingly. She is so CARING and for that I trust my babies in her hands. Thanks for everything Rachel!!

Lori Matthews
Matawan, NJ

Wonderful training and care! Would recommend to everyone! Cody loves to have his training and vacations with Rachel, Corne, and Chloe. We wouldn't leave him with anyone else."

Jon & Emily Garzaniti
Jupiter, FL

Rachel is very patient and loving toward our Dakota. We met Rachel at Safe Harbor Animal Shelter where she was volunteering her time to walk some of the shelter dogs. We liked her right away. She comes every week to walk our boy and he has had sleep over’s at her house. She is a great dog sitter and we trust her with our guy and in our home.

Diane M. Jeffery
Jupiter, FL

My dog Kari had a nanny for 12 years before we moved to FL. At 13 we thought it impossible to find anyone we could trust to care for her. Yet, upon first meeting Rachel, Kari responded as though she had been her care giver for a lifetime. While it is easy to love a sweet, passive little dog like Kari, gaining her trust and eliciting her obedience are a whole different story. Not so easy. Yet, within minutes Rachel had a keen grasp of what Kari needed and she helped us implement plans that have greatly helped Kari adapt to our new home. Rachel's perceptions of a dogs needs and how to elicit appropriate behavior are always on target. That's her gift. But it's a true treasure when you are out of town and awaken to an email picture of your pet asleep in her arms. She always stays in touch and keeps you advised about your dog while you are away. She plans well and is dependable and flexible. She is honest, trustworthy and always goes the extra mile. She's a true treasure!

Brenda Stults-Brodows
Jupiter, FL

Rachel was incredible with Sandy Paws, we needed her to be able to interact with children and help to make awareness for Making your Paw Print! Encouraging children to pick up trash! Sandy Paws responded immediately to Rachel, listening and pleasing. I soon followed with the corrected protocol and have Sandy Paws coming to me on command. Sandy Paws will sit and let the children pet her while I explain our mission about Making a Paw Print! Many thanks! Great training!

Sandy Paws Surfer Girl
Jupiter, FL

Rachel has an amazing level of communication with our dog Kodi and almost total control even though he was just a puppy when she started training him. It is a pleasure to watch her work with him and the results have been astonishing. She is always loving but firm and doesn't let Kodi get away with anything, no matter how cute he looks. We are part-time residents of Palm Beach County and are looking forward to having her work with him again this winter.

Linda Blackwood
Jupiter, FL