DogSmith Pet Care Services

While you are away from your home, you can choose from

  1. DogSmith Visit (Home Alone) - A DogSmith Pet Care Technician visits your pet in your home. A 30 minute visit to entertain, exercise or feed pets while the owner is away. We can also empty and clean litter trays. Available to all domestic pets. 1 to 5 visits per day. 1 Visit is only recommended if connected to an overnight pet sitting agreement or with an animal that has access to a safe outside area. Additional cost per dog over 2 dogs.
  2. Overnight Pet Sit, Dog Walk – A DogSmith Pet Care Technician stays in your home with your pets. The pet sitter stays at the home of the pet. The service time is agreed with the client but normally starts at 7pm and concludes at 7am.
  3. DogSmith Slumber Party – Your pet stays in the home of a DogSmith Pet Care Technician. The pet stays at the home of a DogSmith Technician and enjoys the comfort and environment of a private home and family. The rate covers a 24 hour period.
Pet Care

While you are busy at work or with family we can provide

  1. DogSmith Dog Day Care - Let your dog play while you are away for the day or too busy at home with renovations and contractors. Send your dog to day care in the home of a DogSmith. Your dog can spend the day hangin' with up to 3 of their pals and learning new skills from a DogSmith certified Pet Care Technician.
  2. DogSmith Lunch Break / Dinner Break - A 30 minute mid-day (between 10:15 AM & 2:30 PM / 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM) visit to entertain or let a pet into the yard. This is available for dogs and cats.
  3. A Dog Romp - A 30 minute dog walking session while the owner is at work. Maximum of 2 dogs at one time. Dog walking is also offered as an additional service during a DogSmith Visit and is available in weekly and monthly packages.

DogSmith VIP Services

  • Extended Play Time - extended play time is when the client requests that the standard 30 minute visit be extended during a DogSmith Lunch Break or a DogSmith Visit.
  • Administer Medications - To orally or topically administer medications to a cat or dog. Price is per visit and per number of medications administered.
  • Pet Waste Clean Up - To scoop and cleanup poop and small trash from the client’s yard while the local DogSmith is at the pet’s home.
  • Pet Shuttle - The DogSmith will pick up, deliver and return pet or pets to vet or groomer during any service visit or as a standalone service. If delivery destination is beyond 5 miles or takes longer than 30 minutes, additional fees apply:
  • Never Worry Key Program: Your house key is kept on file under lock and key in our office; to allow us to access your home to care for your pets should you be delayed in coming home from work. There is a charge for delivering or picking up clients keys from their home.

In Home Pet Care Policy

Pet Care

Client Testimonials

Thank you DogSmiths, I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Jersie for us. It was such a relief to know that she was in a happy and healthy environment. We're thrilled with the changes in her behavior and Jersie seems so much happier as well. We'll be in touch when we make plans to be out of town again.
Thanks Again Nancy

I did consider boarding Abbey with a local vet. Wow… what a mistake as I thought about it. Being confined in a kennel, maybe exposed to unhealthy animals, and bombarded by multiple handlers, in a hectic business environment that is closed and empty at 6 pm. What an extreme contrast I found in your care, Abbey was protected, exercised, loved, and handled by a professional dog TRAINER!!! I was impressed at your level of attention, care, and great communication with me over the time that you were caring for Abbey. It was a bonus to receive phone text messages and even a quick photo to keep me informed of what she was doing. I was impressed with your careful attention to activity, any diet concerns, and importance of making a comfortable environment for Abbey by suggesting her favorite toy and her bed. I feel that your level of care far exceeded all my expectations and felt compelled to write this note to recommend your business to anyone that is searching for outstanding pet care.
Sincerely, John Carlino