The very first rescue dogs graduated from The DogSmith FEATS program on Friday  November 30th 2012. The graduation party was hosted by the North West Florida Reception Center and the dogs who have now been adopted were officially handed over to their new owners. The DogSmith FEATS program is one of three complimentary community dog training programs The DogSmith Franchise offers to support and assist rescue animals.

This force free educational program also helps  inmate education. One inmate, Robert Feiss says his particular dog that he helped train was "completely shut down, wouldn't move around or do anything," when he first met her. But now, Feiss says the dog named Cami, is different. He says Cami isn't the only who has transformed. "You don't have that in prison very often when you have a purpose to wake up in the morning," says Feiss.

Bethany Jordan The DogSmith of The Florida Panhandle and Southern Alabama did a fabulous job. We are proud to have her on The DogSmith team. Watch the video here
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