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Retail-farm-food-he-classicFarm Food HE Natural Classic Dog Food

€19,90 4Kg.   €34,90 8Kg.   €59,90 16Kg

Premium Quality Pressed Natural Dog food - the natural holistic alternative dog food.

Farm Food HE holistic dog food contains: No Preservatives. No Colourings. No Fragrances. No Binders.

Ingredients: Beef & Haemoglobin Powder, Pre-Cooked Corn, Pre-Cooked Wheat, Pre-Cooked Rice, Fats and Beef Tallow, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cold Pressed Oil, Brewer's Yeast, Lecithin, Inuline, Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Elements.

Typical analysis: Protein 24%, Fat 14%, Fibre 2%, Ash 6%, Moisture 8%.

Please note: We do not ship Farm Food HE Dry Dog Food. It is available for purchase at the DogSmith of Estepona Training Venue.

Farm Food Trainers®

3,99 80-90gr Tub.
€9,90 300gr Tub.

Ideal when training and rewarding both puppies as well as older dogs.Farm Food Trainers® have a natural scent and flavour that is irresistible for dogs.
100% pure beef heart.
Produced without any additives such as anti-oxidants, preservatives, colouring agents, aromatic substances and/or artificial flavourings.
Air-dried, so the natural scent and flavour of the meat is maintained.
Gluten free

Please note: We do not ship Farm Food Trainers. They are available for purchase at the DogSmith of Estepona Training Venue.

Retail-Joint-Aid-for-DogsJoint Aid for Dogs plus Omega 3

The proven joint supplement for all working & pet dogs.

45.00 500g

The neutraceuticals in Joint Aid (feed components with health benefits) provide extra support to the normal wear and repair of cartilage, synovial fluid, tendons and joints in the skeletal structure, whilst aiding the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the dogs metabolism to help maintain flexibility of movement throughout its life.

Joint Aid is a high specification complementary feed supplement for all dogs. Manufactured as very palatable 2mm pellets for quick and easy feeding; it provides a combination of 12 active nutraceuticals to maintain healthy joints and aid freedom of movement regardless of age, size or level of exercise.

  • Retail-joint-aidMaintains flexibility of movement in all working and pet dogs.

  • Supports the natural regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluid.

  • Helps maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the dogs’ metabolism.

  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance.

  • Contains 12 active nutraceuticals.

Retail-natural-pet-vitalityNatural Fulvic Vitality

€13.99 50g

Natural Pet Vitality Natural Pet Vitality is a pet dietary supplement for all animals which contains a rich, concentrated source of Fulvic Acid Minerals and trace minerals, as well as probiotics and enzymes.

Fulvic acid is credited with being a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. It helps to detoxify the body, flushing toxins from the system and boosting the immune system.

The probiotics contained in Natural Pet Vitality make it a must for any dog taking antibiotics, suffering from diarrhoea or feeling under the weather because of injury or illness.

Retail-bait-bagRapid Rewards Training Pouch


The Rapid Rewards Training Pouch is a bait bag designed for serious dog trainers and pet owners. This deluxe bag features the graphic “Route +R… I’m On It!”
Its many features will be made good use of during both training and outings. Available in a variety of colours. This may not be the cheapest treat bag out there but it is the best and should last you for years to come!

retail-jambo-bandans Retail-bandanaJambo® Bandana


Say “HELLO” with this cute Jambo® bandana! Jambo simply means “hello” in Swahili. Jambo – Staffy Bull Terrier Trick Dog was the first Staffordshire Bull Terrier to become a Trick Dog Champion. He promotes force-free training and is a perfect breed ambassador.

Each premium quality Jambo® bandana is hand-made and embroidered in the U.K. They are available in four stunning colours: Aqua blue, Lime Green, Bright Red and Pale Pink. The bandanas come in one size (30.5 inches) but, as the logo is carefully positioned toward the bottom of the bandana, the top can be folded over so that the bandana perfectly fits smaller dogs as well as their larger friends.

€3.00 from each Jambo bandana is automatically donated to 4 Paws Adoptions rescue shelter.

Retail---Sit-Happens-T-shirDoggy T-Shirts from Jambo® designs


Available in a choice of two designs: Happiness is Bully Shaped and Sit Happens.

50% of the proceeds from each tee sold will be donated to DDA Watch, a non-profit organisation that monitors dog legislation and provides assistance and advice to owners whose dogs have been affected by it.

Cotton blend fabric has a bit of stretch for softness and comfort. Stands up well to wrestling, zoomies and many, many washings. Sizing works nicely for many different shapes & sizes of bully-breed dogs!

  • Machine washable

  • Cotton/poly blend for durability

  • Lightweight and breathable

  • Acts as a sun protection layer in summer

  • Great base layer or sleep shirt for winter

Retail-clickerJambo® Clickers

€2.75 per clicker. €25.00 per bag of ten.


The Original TABBED Clicker. These bright orange box clickers are imprinted with the logo "Guess What?... Sit Happens!" and a graphic of a happy dog in a stand, a bow and a sit.

The clickers are a solid colour with a stainless-steel insert. A tab on the end allows you to add your own attachment. Available to purchase as single unit or bags of ten.

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