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Puppy love: We adopted Sadie, an adorable terrier-mix puppy, as a companion for our retirement years. At first she was all that we hoped for — playfulness, snuggles, puppy kisses, and unconditional love.
But then …

Puppy danger: We soon discovered her wild canine nature — chewing, nipping, growling, guarding, more chewing, swallowing anything, swallowing everything, climbing, leaping, attacking, and (did we mention?) more chewing.
So …

Puppy rescue: We spoke with our trusted veterinarian who recommended The DogSmith of Canyon, Rebekah King. He gave us her brochure and stated she is “the best.” After studying the brochure as well as her online sites, we sought Rebekah’s professional guidance.
As a result …

Puppy training: Once a week for six weeks Rebekah came to our home armed with her DogSmith bag of treats and with her wondrous expertise, fun activities, and compassionate concern for puppies and their people.
Now today …

Family: Through Rebekah’s guidance and myriad training techniques that she has taught us, Sadie is well on her way to becoming a reliable pet, a trusted member of our family. Rather than giving in totally to her wild canine nature, Sadie now will “come” when called; she will “leave it” when she picks up something harmful to chew or swallow; she will “stay” and “wait” for us as we have a need for her patience; and she will reliably “sit” for us with her warm brown eyes fixed on us as her trusted people.

Without a doubt, investing in Sadie’s training through Rebekah King, The DogSmith of Canyon has truly helped transform our cute puppy Sadie into our trusted beloved companion.

Janis WilliamsAmarillo, TX

It works! Our relationship with our dog has changed so much. Isla (our lab mix) is genially happy, she listens and wants to be around us. We communicate a lot better with her and she has a great understand of what is right and wrong. Isla has excellent leash manners, no more pulling and running amuck. We are very happy with the results and would recommend this to any new dog owner. Rebekah is awesome and really listens to what you want out of training.

JamieOxford, MS

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