Whether you are looking to get away from the farm or want to send your dog off for a unique rural boarding experience, The DogSmith has just the program for you!

DogSmith Boutique Country Retreat:

Is the grind of city life beginning to wear on your dog?  Does your dog need some time in the country to rest and recharge its batteries?  Then the DogSmith has just the thing.  In select areas The DogSmith offers Boutique Country Retreat getaways for your best friend.  Let your dog spend your vacation at a rural DogSmith Boutique Country Retreat.

DogSmith Boutique Country Retreat offers your pet an opportunity to spend some time in a country setting. Dogs get to run, play, and romp in a safe country environment. The DogSmith Certified Dog Trainer is on hand to oversee their vacation and ensure dogs remain safe and secure while they have fun frolicking in pastures and breathing clean country air. A DogSmith Boutique Country Retreat provides loads of personal attention, country walks and lots of mental stimulation. Each rural DogSmith is individually owned and operated and offers a unique, unrivaled rustic pet care boarding experience. Your dog becomes part of the rural routine and enjoys the freedom, sights and smells of country living.   Let your dog take a holiday while you’re on vacation!

DogSmith On-Site Farm Care Services:

Are the demands of your hobby farm keeping you down on the farm?  The DogSmith’s “On-Site Farm Care” program is just what you need.  Qualified professional DogSmith Technicians will care for your farm critters when you need to be away.  You can take care of business or enjoy that long-overdue vacation with peace of mind knowing your critters are being well cared for back on the farm.

While you are away a professional DogSmith Technician can care for your farm animals, feed and check on your critters and ensure that all is safe and well in your absence.

Your local DogSmith can care for your horses, cattle, goats, sheep, donkeys, ducks, chickens, rabbits and pigs.  Every  on-site farm visit includes:

  • Mail and newspapers brought in to the house
  • Feed and water animals
  • Check the security of buildings and rotate lighting
  • Rinse water troughs
  • Administer medication/wormers

Additional farm services include:

  • Horse Training
  • Cleaning stalls & Pet Waste cleanup.

Contact your local DogSmith for service availability and pricing.

Large or Small, We Care For Them All!