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My husband and I had an aggressive German Shepard that we didn’t know what to do with. Rod worked with us to train Beau, and helped us socialize him with other dogs. He ended up a model citizen. Rod’s expertise was invaluable. We recommend him wholeheartedly.



Betsey AllenBoston, MA

As a lawyer for dog owners, I have sought Rod’s assistance for several cases where the life of the dog was on the line. Tapping into his education, training and experience has helped my clients and my practice be successful. He is able to evaluate a dog’s behavior and the reasons behind it and then make adjustments. He has also been great training me with my golden retriever on how to walk with her and to stop giving in to her big brown eyes. Super guy.




Jeremy CohenBoston, MA

Last year, my dog Ovo started becoming aggressive on leash towards other dogs and moving vehicles. He couldn’t stop lunging at cars, trucks, and motorcycles!

In just a few months of working with Rod, I saw my dog become much calmer and more confident. Rod was always patient and encouraging with us, and I would have given up hope of my dog ever improving if we hadn’t found him. I can take my dog out for a long walk now with no fear. I would recommend Rod to anyone!

Thank you, Uncle Rod!

Tainara & OvoBoston, MA

I had the pleasure of being referred to Rod. I have an 8 year old dog (Patrick) who was experiencing fear aggression and was pulling on his leash on walks. It was really important to me to find a trainer with a gentle philosophy on training. My dog is extremely food motivated so Rod helped us put a reward system in place for Patrick. After just a few training sessions Patrick was walking on leash like a perfect gentleman. Rod taught us how to teach him how to walk calmly. It’s been almost a year since we worked with Rod and Patrick still walks beautifully on his leash and seems more relaxed on our walks. I have also used Rod in the dog daycare facilities I manage “Crate Escape” as our resident trainer. He helps teach the staff how control the pack with positive reinforcement.

Nikkilee CondonBoston, MA

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