So Much Dog, So Little Time!

With Your Busy Schedule, Leave The Training To Us.

Wouldn’t it be great if all dogs arrived completely prepared to live in your family the way a new computer comes ready to use, straight out of the box? And wouldn’t it be great if your busy schedule allowed you to spend more time training and bonding with your dog?

DogSmith Board and TrainGetting your rescued dog, or any dog for that matter, off to the best start possible is probably the most critical decision you can make in the early stages of the new dog-human relationship. At The DogSmith we specialize in training and behavior, all those undesirable behaviors that some dogs seem to arrive with, those behaviors that may have you at a complete loss.

Working with a professional who specializes in behavior will help to get your dog back on track, so he can remain in your home where he belongs. Of course you want to give your pet the extra attention it needs to be a happy member of your family. But with school, work, family, errands, business trips and vacations you don’t always have time to get the specialized training you and your dog need.

What’s the Solution?

When life gets too busy your DogSmith is here to help you. We have an incredible and affordable training program, it doesn’t matter whether you are going on vacation, or would just like to make time in your hectic life for your dog to take advantage of our “Board & Train” program. Your dog will receive the devoted, individual attention of Pet Care Professionalsyour professional and certified force-free DogSmith trainer in their own home.

Our program is customized for you and your problem dog. As all dogs are individual, no two programs are the same. Even better, you will receive regular updates for your peace of mind. We want your dog to remain in your home and are dedicated to helping you achieve that goal.

Get Started Now - Schedule a Consultation!

During the consultation we will discuss your concerns and specific behavior problems. We will first determine the suitability of our ‘Board & Train’ program for your pet. When we meet you and your dog we will finalize our mutually agreed upon goals and training expectations.

Throughout the Board & Train program you will always know exactly how we are doing and how well your dog is progressing. Your DogSmith will give you regular updates.Lady with Dog

Upon completion of the training program you will be provided with instructions on how to ‘cue’ each new behavior and how to maintain each behavior during your pet’s life. We will also provide you with your pet’s DogSmith skill card so you can see exactly what he/she has achieved. Best of all, you will pick up your furry friend who has made wonderful progress, ready to complete his/her life as a member of the family