We live on a 380-acre lake, our land goes right into the middle of it. We also have a large pond in one of our pastures and a Swimming Pool. In our social time Rick and I sail and Kayak. So, it's important that our dogs enjoy water and are competent and confident in it.

This is the first lesson for Miss McDougal AKA Doogie to begin building up a love of water.

Criteria 1 - Introducing the pool to her world - placing the pool in her garden so she gets used to seeing it (big round and blue can be scary)
Criteria 2 - In the pool no water feeling happy - encouraging her into the pool as a play area
Criteria 3 - Jumping in and out of the pool playing with a toy with a scattering of water on the bottom
Criteria 3 - Playing in the pool with an inch of water and squeaky toys

All designed to build up a excited and happy response - When her Life Jacket gets here we will increase the depth and condition her to love wearing it - then on to the big girls pool! 


Doogie - First exposure to a swimming pool from Pet Professional Education on Vimeo.