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All Dog Daycare Programs Are Pretty Much Alike, Right?

Wrong! Our Dog Daycare Leads the Pack. It Is Fun & Safe.

If you would like to join the list of privileged dogs who join our daycare playgroups then please contact us. We will then schedule a screening appointment to ensure that dog daycare is right for your dog.

The DogSmith operates with set playgroups that are safe and fun. Certain locations offer a daycare membership program. This is exclusive and places are limited. The membership term lasts for three months. That way your dog has playmates who are screened, safe and fun, for three months. This ensures your dog gets the best out of daycare and is not exposed to any negative or unpleasant situations that could cause emotional trauma, resulting in fear or hesitation around dogs or people.

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What Makes Our Daycare Unique

The DogSmith doggy daycare operates with matched groups of canine friends who play together. When you apply to join our doggy daycare service please indicate which days you are interested in. We can then screen your dog for suitability in a playgroup. Your dog will then join a suitable group of other canine friends that meet each week for a day of romping fun in a safe and well-managed environment.

Your dog will really enjoying playing and romping with his/her new friends.

We have created a balanced approach to dog daycare that ensures your peace of mind while your pet enjoys optimal levels of play and socializing. Because dogs do not naturally play or socialize for eight hours a day, forcing your pet into playgroups for lengthy periods can be both stressful and physically challenging. It is essential that your dog has a private space and quiet time during the day between play sessions.


In the past I have had really bad experience with my dog going to doggie daycare. When I watched the webcams, he always looked sad and wasn’t interacting with other dogs. The group of dogs was really large, and he didn’t seem to fit in. I then enrolled him into Daycare at the DogSmith of Oxford. Suddenly he enjoyed going, the groups were smaller, and he was matched with three friends of a similar age and size. The group of friends meet Mon, Wed and Friday at daycare and became good friends. I can also add other services to his daycare like Kongs when he is resting at lunch time. Thank you DogSmith for caring about the dog experience and for not just throwing dogs in big groups together!

T Daniels. Oxford, MS


Some dogs in daycare enjoy sniffing, barking, chasing and general canine dog-foolery! Other dogs simply prefer the contact and company of humans while their owner is at work. We will gear your dog’s daycare experience around its needs. At The DogSmith dog daycare each guest receives its own private space for eating, sleeping, lounging or some good old-fashion dog-watching!

Your Check List for Daycare Suitability

  • Your dog is comfortable and friendly around other dogs and people
  • Your dog does not have a bite or growl history with other dogs or people
  • Your dog has attended a positive reinforcement puppy class
  • Your dog has had positive ongoing socialization experiences
  • Your dog is comfortable relaxing in a crate when tired
  • Your dog does not guard toys, treats or people

If your dog meets these criteria, then schedule a screening today.

View a typical daycare schedule

Your Peace of Mind

Our Daycare Program, designed by Niki Tudge, limits the number of participants and matches dogs based on age, physical activity and personality traits. In addition, dogs less than 20 lb. play and enjoy daycare in a separate, specialized environment with friends of their own size.

Our dog playgroup sizes are small to ensure we can effectively supervise your dog’s play and guarantee all dog interactions remain polite and stress-free, while giving them many opportunities to interact safely with their canine buddies.

Fun for Your Dog

Your dog enjoys all the amenities of a DogSmith environment for the day! We encourage happy wagging tails, cold noses and playful barks. Belly scratches, ear kisses and chew toys are all on the agenda too. We do not object to dog drooling and shedding either! Our Pet Care Technicians are trained in canine behavior and communication and we practice polite daycare meet and greet skills. Your dog will be continually reinforced for all appropriate behaviors, such as not jumping up, appropriate barking and polite canine greetings, and we only use positive dog handling techniques.

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