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Let Us Show You How DogSmith Dog Walkers Can Help You Get More Done

We could all use more exercise, right? But with a busy home and work life trying to get everything done sometimes we just don’t have the time to make sure our family dog is getting the physical exercise and mental enrichment needed. Your DogSmith solves that!

Much More Than Dog Walking

No doubt about it, every dog needs daily exercise, physical and mental. But when you’re just too busy then your DogSmith has just the service to make your life easier, save you time and help you get more done. Your DogSmith has several programs for you whether it’s your older pet that needs some gentle exercise or a more lively dog that craves a care-free, energetic, off-leash romp at the dog park, our dog walking and pet care services can be personalized to meet the needs of your pet.

Not only does a DogSmith Dog Walking service save you time but daily exercise is proven to reduce the potential for problem behaviors and anxiety, can improve your dog’s mental functions and contributes to a long, healthy and happy life for your dog.

Thank You DogSmith!

My husband and I had an aggressive German Shepard that we didn’t know what to do with. Rod worked with us to train Beau, and helped us
socialize him with other dogs. He ended up a model citizen. Rod’s expertise was invaluable. We recommend him wholeheartedly.


Betsey Allen, Boston, MA


Walk & Train - With your DogSmith ‘Walk & Train’ your DogSmith comes to your house to pick-up  your dog for an exciting 30 minute walk of exploration with some basic skill training thrown in.   While exercising your dog, your DogSmith can incorporate some basic pet manners skill training. These skills will be based on your goals and whatever arises and is appropriate while out for their walk exploring the world.

Please note:  A Walk & Train is not intended to replace more formal training classes – It is a walk that incorporates training of some basic behaviors.

A Walk & Train session is strictly limited to 30 minutes from pick up to return.  There is no “hand over” information time. So If you would like a “hand over” training class or consultation, your DogSmith can accommodate that during a private consultation.

With your local DogSmith’s dog walking services, you will never be torn between the demands of your busy life and the needs of your dogs. Your DogSmith offers a variety of dog walking and dog exercise programs that can be personalized specifically for your lifestyle.


Dog Romp - While you are at work we accompany your dog on a healthy 30 minute ‘romp’.  Your dog will not only get the exercise it needs but it will also get social and mental stimulation from meeting other people and animals and exploring new areas. And don’t forget that a tired dog is a happy dog so regular dog walks help release any unused energy leaving your dog calmer and more relaxed.  Make a DogSmith ‘Dog Romp’ the highlight of your pup’s day.  For the safety of your pet we limit the number of dogs walked at one time to two.


We all need more exercise and time outdoors and so do our dogs.

Come and join a DogSmith Group Walk & Train as we walk, learn, sniff and have fun together!

Let me be your guide along with a small group of other pet dog owners with their four-legged furry family members from your neighborhood as we take a relaxing ramble around town, through your local park or on a brisk hike.

While we all get some much-needed fresh air and exercise, our dogs will enjoy a leg stretch, some enrichment and an opportunity to pick up and deliver some pee-mail. Jokes aside, walks should be enriching rambles with lots of time to sniff, take in and enjoy the environment and just be a dog.  But while we are rambling, we will be incorporating some basic pet manners and skill training into the session.

Please note - these walks are great for dogs that are comfortable out and about with other people and in close proximity to other dogs. If you are not sure, please contact me so we can discuss other fun options.

So, if you:

  • Have trouble fitting your dog’s walks into your busy schedule
  • Are worried that your work schedule interferes with your dog’s exercise needs
  • Are concerned your dog is not getting enough regular exercise
  • Have a puppy or older dog that needs more frequent outings or exercise

Then your DogSmith can help you out.

Dog Walking Packages

Your local DogSmith also offers affordable dog walking packages. These are available in 5-day, 10-day or 20-day prepaid programs.  Contact your DogSmith to schedule your dog walking service. Your DogSmith will also guide you on the correct leash, collar or harness for you dog. This way you can be sure there is no damage or harm done to the delicate neck glands or muscles while your DogSmith walks your dog. Choke and prong collars can be very damaging to your dog’s health and are not appropriate tools for a pleasant, fun-filled and stress free walk.  DogSmiths are socially responsible, insured, bonded and certified pet care providers. Click here to open our pet care comparison matrix


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