There are literally dozens of reasons to join The DogSmith Dog Training & Pet Care Franchise.  For starters, opening your own DogSmith dog training and pet care franchise allows you to capitalize on the leading Dog Training & Pet Care business model in the United States. If you’re looking for a national company providing a unique opportunity in a recession-resistant multi-billion dollar industry, then this is it. The DogSmith provides you with the perfect opportunity to abandon your cubicle and join other entrepreneurs doing what you love for a living.  The DogSmith leadership team has over 40 years of business management experience committed to supporting you in pursuit of your goals.

Why Become A DogSmith Franchise Owner

With The DogSmith you will be part of a dynamic team of professionals where you will learn not only to be a dog trainer and canine behavior counselor but you will also learn how to operate a comprehensive pet care business.  As a DogSmith you will have access to the most progressive training methods, curriculums, behavior analysis tool kits, franchise library knowledge base and our ongoing education and support systems. Our franchise system also provides you with a proprietary marketing system, DogSmith Brand Standards manual, proprietary marketing collateral and assistance with sales, training and financial management. One of the most valuable aspects of joining The DogSmith is you will have access to our registered marks, logos, and tag lines.  You will be provided with proprietary operational and business systems, methods, software and programs at shared costs which greatly reduce your overhead expenses while giving you leading edge technical advantages over your competition.

Other key advantages to the DogSmith Franchise are that your franchise is scalable so you will never be limited to being just self-employed.  By optimizing the opportunities for multiple income streams and leveraging the resources of your employees and contractors you become a true business owner.

Finally, by joining The DogSmith you hit the ground running avoiding the expensive and frustrating “trial and error” period that most individual new businesses go through.  From our strategic and tactical marketing plan to our startup pack containing everything you need to begin marketing your business from the ‘get go,’ you greatly minimize the cost and time between opening and profitability.