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A dog's behavior results from three critical and key components. Management of the dog and their environment, Training the dog and the Relationship that an owner and their pet dog share. It would be pointless to invest in dog obedience classes with a pet dog if the dog is then left unsupervised to pick up bad habits from its environment (such as getting into the kitchen trash). Alternatively, it is not possible to train and manage a dog's environment correctly if the relationship between dog and owner is lacking trust and mutual respect.

The DogSmith Dog Training and Dog Behavior Counseling, behavior change methods, protocols and philosophies are founded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. The DogSmith works with each client to develop a behavior change program that meets the clients goals. The behavior change programs are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have set time-lines. Your Local DogSmith is a certified Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Counselor

Which Class or Choice is Right for You?

DogSmith Dog Training,
if your dog

Drags you on your daily walks
Greets you like a linebacker
Mugs your guests
Potties in your house
Digs up your lawn
Uses your furniture as a chew toy
Has a general lack of training

DogSmith Dog Behavior Counseling,
if your dog

Growls at friends or family
Protects its toys
Is grumpy around other dogs
Displays anxious behaviors
Is mean around food
Shows any other behavior you consider a concern to your family
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