Doberman and LadyListen to a five minute podcast about the DogSmith and our  training and behavior services. There is a difference  between the two.  Alternatively you can contact your DogSmith who will help guide you in your choice of services.

 So What Is The Difference?

  • Dog Training is about building up new and appropriate skills and helping to reduce and eliminate slightly irritating problematic behaviors.
  • Behavior Consultants address problem behaviors that are elicited through fear, anxiety or aggression.

In short a dog trainer teaches classes, day training and board and train programs and focuses primarily on obedience behaviors and manners. A dog behavior consultant does consultations,  and focuses primarily on modifying behavior problems that are elicited by emotions. Training and behavior programs also differ in several ways and require different protocols and skills. In some cases your DogSmith will refer you to a Veterinary Behaviorist. 


Choose Dog Training if your dog

Choose Behavior Counseling if your dog

  • Drags you on your daily walks
  • Greets you like a linebacker,
  • Mugs your guests
  • Potties in your house
  • Digs up your lawn
  • Uses your furniture as a chew toy
  • Needs to learn how to relax
  • Has a general lack of training
  • Growls at friends & family
  • Protects its toys
  • Is grumpy around other dogs
  • Displays anxious behaviors
  • Shows behavior you consider a concern to your family
  • Is reactive on leash
  • Is shy and anxious around people or dogs

 At The DogSmith we have a selection of training options for you and your pet dog.

Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Are you looking to attend Puppy Group ClassesPet Manners ClassesSpecialty Group ClassesTrick Group Classes or are you looking for private in home training.
  2. Are you looking for help to educate and manage your puppy or build on existing skills for your mature dog or
  3. Does your dog have behavioral problems, is it scared, fearful, anxious or frustrated, If so then contact your DogSmith so you can schedule a behavior consultation.

Beautiful DogThe DogSmith training programs enhance and improve the relationship you share with your family pet. Our methods are grounded in science, lots of fun to use and do not need pain, fear or intimidation. At the DogSmith we believe that training should be fun, educational and it must enhance the relationships we have with our pets. 

Thankfully our methods are also supported by the scientific community and the American College of Veterinary behaviorists and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. You can read their position statements here

 At the DogSmith we believe a dog's behavior results from three critical and key components.

  1. The Daily Management of your dog and their home environment.
  2. Positive Reinforcement Training  so your pet  can coexist peacefully with you and your family at home. 
  3. A fabulous trusting Relationship that you and your pet dog share and mutually enjoy.

MTRtitlefrontThis is our proprietary MTR system. It would be pointless to invest money in pet dog training classes with a pet dog if the dog is then left unsupervised to pick up bad habits from its environment (such as getting into the kitchen trash). Alternatively, it is not possible to train and manage a dog's environment correctly if the relationship between dog and owner is lacking trust and mutual respect.

You can download your Free MTR Cards here and see how much fun dog training can be. 

Contact us today and let's  get started. Fun training that the entire family