Here is a good resource for you if you do or are thinking of taking your dog to a dog park.

Florida Pets Net Editor's Note: The popularity of dog parks is surging in the sunshine state. Yet for many people, they are still a relatively new phenomena. We felt the following article about dog park etiquette would be helpful to everyone, regardless of their dog park experience. Although different dog parks may have different arrangements and rules, the following is a terrific guide to keeping things safe, happy and fun for pets and peeps alike:


If you feel that your dog does not have the appropriate  behaviors to be in a dog park then contact your local DogSmith who can help you. DogSmiths run fun and effective "Grumpy Dog Classes"

Grumpy Dog and Dog-on-Dog Etiquette
These classes are for dogs that are reactive to other dogs or struggle with their focus in distracting environments. Dogs with severe aggression are not appropriate for this class. Dogs must have a solid foundation in basic obedience.