Dog Behavior

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Dog Behavior Consultants are uniquely qualified and have expertise in evaluating, managing and modifying a wide range of challenging canine behaviors. Our methods build and strengthen relationships between human and canine. Our programs help to minimize your stress and your dog’s stress. We emphasize preventing behavior problems through diligent management while we work to modify unwanted behaviors.

 button_behaviorconsultWhen Should You Call a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant?

The right time to call us is as soon as you notice your dog has a behavior problem. Identifying the causes of a behavior problem early on can make the difference between a happy, enjoyable relationship with your dog and a stressful, constant battle with your canine companion.

What to Expect During a Dog Behavior Consultation?

Our consultations begin with a detailed history of your dog’s behavior problems. We have a long and detailed, but necessary form for you to complete. The more we know about the dog’s history and the behavior problem, the more effectively we can address it. We may also observe your dog’s behavior and the interaction of your dog with family members. We will then develop a behavior modification program and help you set realistic and achievable goals.

The behavioral issues we frequently consult on include fear-aggression, dog-dog issues, remedial socialization, and issues between dogs and children, not to mention a variety of other issues which could require anything from management to intensive desensitization and counter-conditioning programs.Behavior-Consultation-Form-300x239

We can provide help if your dog is showing:

  • Aggression toward people
  • Aggression toward dogs or other animals
  • Leash reactivity and impulse control problems
  • Excessive barking or digging
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Growling nipping and snapping behaviors
  • Attachment or separation anxiety problems
  • Shy or fearful behaviors
  • Abnormal behaviors, such as excessive licking, air snapping or obsessive tail chasing
  • Hyperactivity

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