If you have never tried dog agility training, and you are not sure whether your dog would like it or not then try our "Just for Fun" Agility classes.  Dog agility is a great sport for dogs and their human partners. Follow our Dog Agility blog and learn more about this great dog sport.

Dog Agility Training Classes

The Teeter

"Just for Fun" agility focuses on FUN! Fun around jumps, tunnels, tables, A-frame and weave poles. This class is a great start if you are not sure about your level of commitment to agility or your dog's suitability.

  • Cost for 6 week class - $100.00
  • Dogs must be at least 12 months old.

Dogs Love To Weave!

So if you are located in Lafayette County MS which includes Oxford then come on down and enjoy a pet dog training class or dog agility class.