But Are You So Busy Working in Your Dog Training Business That You don’t Have Time to Work On Your Business?

That was me many years ago. Like you, I got started in the Dog Training business because I love animals and I still get no bigger thrill than when I get that ‘breakthrough’ moment training a dog…That moment when the dog ‘gets it’…When we are ‘talking’…Working together as a team. Those are the moments that got me hooked on dog training in the beginning and keep me excited about my career today. But I would get so caught up with training that I would often neglect the business side of my business. I would put off marketing, developing collateral, pushing my branding, dealing with my finances, taking advantage of new technology and furthering my dog training/pet care education (we all know how hard it is to keep up with the ‘latest and greatest’). I was just too busy.

This was especially embarrassing and frustrating for me given my education and long career in the business world – I knew better, I knew what I should be doing every day. But I also knew that as a small business owner if my business wasn’t growing, it was dying. And I couldn’t do it all myself, there just wasn’t enough time in the day and none of us can be competent in every job needed in a small business…especially if you want your business to grow and prosper.
I also realized that even though my business couldn’t afford to hire the various specialties every small business needs, I needed to be focusing on areas where I my skills are strongest. So I needed to concentrate my time on doing those things in my business that I am really good at and pay someone else to do everything else. Hard to do when you have a small business, right? These are the challenges that led me to create the DogSmith.

The DogSmith offers an effective way for Dog Trainers like you to join with other professionals to support your business, enhance buying power for services and goods, gain access to business skills and services needed to grow your business, enjoy proprietary continuing education courses in primary and advanced dog training skills as well as financial, marketing, branding and business operations. As a member of The DogSmith Dog Training and Pet Care professional team you are automatically part of a mentoring and support group where you can get and give advice and insight based on experience.
As a DogSmith you receive ongoing business support, marketing plans, advertising collateral design, toll-free number, zip code driven web presence, local brand awareness, search engine optimization, colleague support forums, customer/staff management system and much more. You will never be left alone to build your business always benefiting from the best practices of your DogSmith colleagues. Call today for a no obligation consultation to find out what The DogSmith can do for you!