“We don’t whisper, we translate” claims The DogSmith founder, Niki Tudge.  “Simply put, The DogSmith believes in positive, effective, efficient, humane dog training that creates a common language for us to share with our pet.”

“We do not believe in the harsh methods practiced by some. No shock collars, prong collars or compulsion methods. We only use ‘corrections’ that are instructional and only after the dog has shown that they have learned the skill we are teaching. Feedback to our dogs is clear and concise and informs the dog what we would like them to do, rather than punishing them for things we don’t wish them to do,” Tudge says, clearly showing her passion for dogs and the dog human relationship.

Through years of experience and research, The DogSmith has developed its own, unique method of dog training, termed ARRF™, a training methodology that is both humane, compassionate and, most importantly, highly effective and efficient for the Pet Dog Owner. “ARRF™ shows you how to truly communicate with your beloved pet,” says Tudge.

But their methods aren’t simply a bunch of empty, ‘feel good’ promises. ARRF™ is comprised of learning principles based upon and supported by decades of empirical scientific research. And their methods are revolutionizing the dog training world by systematically studying the most current scientific breakthroughs from the field of Learning Theory and specifically applying them to Pet Dog

Training. ARRF™ was developed to ensure that your dog’s learning will be humane, effective, reliable, fun and easy.  Certified DogSmith Trainers are skilled at developing objective learning criteria, applying positive reinforcement and establishing training guidelines to make sure skills are frequently practiced in a variety of situations, for both dog and owner.

Equally important, ARRF™ ensures that the dog owner is trained so effective communication is created between owner and dog. “We believe that pet dogs deserve the best; the best methods, the best trainers and the best results,” says Tudge.  “We view your dog the same way you do, as an important member of your family and due all the respect and consideration that your family members deserve. Unless you’re in the habit of teaching your children with choke collars, we bet you feel the same way.  Furthermore, all modern scientific psychological studies, for both humans and canines, clearly show that rewarding a desired behavior is a far more effective training method than punishing for mistakes which can cause unanticipated damage,” Tudge continues.

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