Dixie arrived for training this morning around 10am, she was dropped off by her foster mum who made the 50 mile drive to deliver her. Julie Hoxie a big thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us get Dixie up here. Julie is a nurse and works at night so a huge thank you to you.

Dixie is a lovely English Setter, she is approximately 5 years old. When she first arrived she was a little overwhelmed by the environment. The first two times we took her into the training pasture to begin her training she would not interact with us. We allowed her in her own time to adjust. Being on a farm brings many new scents and sights. Donkeys, sheep and lots of birds plus new people and more new people.

By 12 noon we began to see her delightful smile and her relaxed body jogging around sniffing and 'pointing' at the large birds. We were very soon able to begin her training. The first thing we worked on was 'name recognition' in a new environment. We were soon able, four of us, to call her back and forth between us. She loved the freeze dried liver treats and soon forgot about all the other 'new things'.

She is going in and out of her crate very easily. The crate is a great tool to help with her house-training and to keep her safe and secure. This evening at 6pm we had another outing. The sun was down and all the birds are in the trees so we had her full attention. She is now resting after a full meal and lots more treats. Tomorrow is a new day and we will begin working on 'sit' and 'stay'. Will post some nice picture tomorrow so she can show you all her great new tricks. If you want to learn more about Dixie you can contact the Animal Rescue Center of Bay County at www.Adoptbay.com