The DogSmith Dog Training and Dog Behavior Counseling, behavior change methods, protocols and philosophies are founded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of controlling and predicting behavior.

Using dominance theory  in dog training is an antiquated thought process based on  myth. Dogs do what works for them, what gains them access to the things they  want. Dogs do not wake up each day and wonder how they can plot and plan to take down the human race, to dominate us.

A dog running out through a door before you is not a sign of dominance its an excited dog who wants to go out and play

A dog pulling on a leash is not a sign of dominance its a dog who has never been shown how to walk nicely on a leash

A dog jumping up at you is not a sign of dominance it is more often than not a dog who wants to greet and welcome you the way dogs greet each other.

Read more on dominance theory by clicking on some of these links. If you need help with your dogs behavior then contact a professional dog trainer who understands how and why dogs behave the way they do.

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