February 25th.

Good news for our rescue Red Merle Aussie. Today she received her annual vaccinations and her Heart Worm test with a negative result. This is great news for us. Lois, Walton County Animal Control Supervisor just gave me the great news. Our girl was also spayed today and is recovering quietly from her surgery. Lois will keep me updated on how she is tomorrow so we can plan to pick her up when she is ready to be moved.

I am very grateful to Lois for doing all of this before we bring her back to the DogSmith Training Center. In her current mental condition it would have been quite an ordeal moving her from here to our Veterinarian.  Now when she arrives here we can get her settled knowing that she does not have to go anywhere for a while.

We have prepared her room at The DogSmith Training Center; she has a comfortable futon to sleep on in her guest room with access to a small fenced in outside garden. As soon as we have her collar trained and she is more comfortable we can extend her area.