My Services

In-Home Pet Care

A DogSmith Pet Care Technician visits your pet while you are away.

Dog Walking Services

Every dog needs daily exercise. But if you’re just too busy,
we can help

Doggie Daycare

If your busy schedule doesn't allow you the time to train and bond with your dog the way you would like to, our board and train services are just what you need.

KittySmith Services

In-Home cat services for well-socialized and gregarious cats..

Slumber Parties

Your pet will stay in the home of a certified DogSmith Pet Care Technician.


Introducing a major breakthrough in caring for your pet dog. We know how busy you are with work and family. DogVentures is our scientifically based enrichment system that helps you promote, improve and maintain your pet’s physical and mental health and well-being.

About Silke Schinnen

DogSmith of Central Sarasota

Originally from Germany, Silke Schinnen, the owner of The DogSmith of Central Sarasota, moved to Florida with her husband and young daughter to open her own DogSmith dog training and pet care business. From a very young age it had always been Silke’s dream to combine her passion for animals with her vocation. Although busy with her first career in computer sales which included a demanding travel schedule, Silke always found time to help her friends and family care for their pets. Because of her natural talents and abilities with animals, Silke was more and more being asked to take her friend’s dogs for nature walks, romps in the park and even canine slumber parties in her own home. The more time she spent with animals the more she realized how much she wanted to devote her life to training and caring for them.

Her passion for animals and desire to have her own pet business continued to grow so Silke began a rigorous and comprehensive academic course of study and practical program leading to her becoming a certified trainer and pet care technician. And if her studies and training for the pet industry didn’t keep her busy enough, Silke decided she wanted to open her business in the US. So Silke took the courageous step of moving her entire family to Florida to begin her new adventure.

As a DogSmith pet care technician knowledgeable in all facets of pet care and canine communication, pet first aid,  Silke provides you with the perfect solution for your family’s pet care needs. 

Silke Schinnen moved half way around the world to pursue her passion for animals and her goal of owning a DogSmith dog training and pet care business. If an ocean won’t stop her from achieving her goals then you can be confident nothing will stop her from providing you with the unrivaled dog training and pet care your family pets deserve and the DogSmith is famous for. According to Silke, “I actually chose the DogSmith family because they provide the service and knowledge in a way I really like and support. I am absolutely convinced that this is the service you will love!”

My promise to you

As a DogSmith professional, I pledge to use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of pet owners and their pets.

I will practice my profession conscientiously with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of The DogSmith ethics, mission, vision and values.

I accept as a lifelong obligation, the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

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