Canine Slumber Parties

At The DogSmith we have been saying no to kennels, unprofessional pet care and stressed vacations since 2007!

Enroll Your Dog in a DogSmith Slumber Party – The Perfect Doggy Vacay!

You will enjoy absolute peace of mind knowing that your dog is receiving the best care possible with your DogSmith. You deserve the very best for your dog and the DogSmith is your best solution for your pet care needs.  

The DogSmith Slumber Party program offers your pet the opportunity to stay in the home of a certified DogSmith Dog Trainer and/or DogSmith Slumber Party Expert who is a certified Pet Care Technician. Your pet will enjoy the comfort and safety of a private home in the company of an animal-loving family. The DogSmith Slumber Party provides your furry family member with a home away from home. Click here to open our pet care comparison matrix

Is this your pet?

DogSmith Slumber PartyIf so then you know how difficult it can be to accommodate and care for them when you have to be away from home. To relieve you from this stressful dilemma and to provide you and your pet with the safest, most comfortable and enriching environment, we developed our DogSmith Slumber Party Service. We believe that you should always expect and accept nothing less when you entrust your family pet to the care of a pet care professional. All DogSmith Pet Care Technicians are certified in animal communication, animal handling and pet first aid.

We assure a safe, secure and stress-free environment for your pet. Because we are pet care and animal behavior professionals, we are especially aware of your pet’s individual physical, mental and nutritional needs so we customize our services to suit your pet. Even the most nervous dog will feel comfortable in the home of a DogSmith and all the activities will be tailored to your pet’s individual needs. Large Dog Enjoying a DogSmith Slumber Party

What Else Can Your Dog Enjoy?

  • A Fetch Session
  • A Fun Dog Romp
  • Learning New Skills
  • A Daily Kong

If you need it, just ask. Your DogSmith is happy to add on any service that will help your pet enjoy its vacation. At The DogSmith, our trustworthy and highly experienced pet care technicians believe in a holistic approach to caring for all pets. You will always be confident that your four-legged best friend gets all of the attention and special loving care needed.

  How Do Our Slumber Parties Work? 

  • Slumber Party Departure and Arrival Times (please check with your local DogSmith, times may vary from location to location)
  • The slumber Party check-in time is 12 noon. This is to enable us to prepare for your pet’s arrival after our morning departures
  • All arrival and departures are scheduled so we can maintain a happy and stress free environment
  • Our check-out time is 11:00 a.m. If a pet stays after this time a day care fee will apply
  • For pets checking out after 6:00 p.m. the additional night’s slumber accommodation fee applies