Maintaining skin health and a glossy coat is a challenge for many pet parents.

In fact, skin and coat problems account for a large percentage of trips to the vet.


For all of the hair support systems to function properly, they require a variety

of nutrients, including fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. The body delivers these

nutrients to the primary organs (heart, lungs, liver) first, and the remainder is sent

to the sebaceous glands in the skin. A healthy coat requires lots of protein.

In fact, at optimum nutrition levels, almost 95% of the protein that’s ingested is

used by the body to support hair production and maintenance. A nutritious

food like Life’s Abundance provides the protein content necessary to supply

your dog’s body with the protein necessary to help maintain a healthy coat.

However, it is also advisable to give your companion animals a balanced

supplement that provides the additional nutritional support necessary to achieve

the utmost in a healthy coat and skin.

Skin & Coat Formula is a unique formula that provides a perfect balance of

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These oils are certified-free of contaminants

and are microencapsulated to increase absorption, so that your dog will receive

the maximum nutritional benefit.


60 chewable tablets
Additionally, Skin & Coat Formula contains

Vitamins A, D, and E, all of which are necessary

for the maintenance of healthy skin and a glossy coat.


And, like all of our nutritional supplements, Skin & Coat

is manufactured in a human pharmaceutical plant, so

you can be confident that you are providing your pup

with the highest quality product possible. Not only that,

it also has a delicious roast beef flavor that canines love!

No matter the season, Skin & Coat Formula can help

to make your dog’s coat healthy, glossy and beautiful –

and keep it that way, all year long.