DogSmith Transitional Call #7 – Progress Check


Let's take a break and do a quick check on your progress.

  1. Go back over calls 1 to 6 and make sure you have completed all the assigned homework.
  2. Where are you at with your marketing
  3. Do you have all your financial tasks completed
  4. Are you a CPCT so you can get your pet care services going
  5. Have you the marketing collateral on hand to adequately support your marketing plan
  6. Is all your branding in place for your appearance, your marketing, your activities
  7. Do you have group classes listed as part of your marketing plan
  8. Have yo announced to your media list that your business is open
  9. Have you a grand opening date
  10. When did you last open your Brand Standards Manual to check off what you are doing and to recap on the minimum standards

What are you working on now in the following categories

  • Your services and products - what are you listing, marketing, servicing?
  • Your marketing - is it planned and being completed?
  • Your operation - Are you operating your services to the required standards?
  • Your financial goals  - Are you caring for your assets and liabilities?