DogSmith Transitional Call #6 – Financial Management & Training

The tasks on these calls have been set up in a specific way to expedite your transition. Please complete them in the correct order. Only submit requested information via the forms provided.  Before you transition onto the next call please check in with Sharon Nettles to cross reference everything is complete.

Before we do a call with you on Financials please watch the four videos below. Once you have watched these and have a basic understanding of Quick Books we can then discuss the process for setting up your quick books. 

You will use Quick Books or Zip Books to

  1. Track all your income and invoice your clients in a professional way
  2. Track your expenses across set categorizes
  3. Manage your business bank account
  4. Manage your credit cards
  5. Keep good and accurate monthly books so you can reduce your professional service fees 
  6. Ensure your taxes can be filed accurately and professionally

Financial Training Videos - Please watch 1 & 2 first

  1. DogSmith Financial Statements Click here
  2. DogSmith Setting Up Your Quick Books Click here

When you have watched videos 1 and 2 are have completed your homework assignments then after you have some basic experience you an watch the next webinar on Book Keeping. 

  1. A comprehensive look at Book Keeping Click here

Your homework assignments are

  1. Set up your QB or Zip Books with all your company information
  2. Enter in all of your DogSmith services and prices
  3. Set up your income groups
  4. Set up your expense categories
  5. Set up a template invoice with your logo, business details and contact information
  6. Send an invoice to Niki Tudge for 4 x 1 hour private training sessions at so you can practive usign your system
  7. Set up your Bank Account with an opening balance
  8. Set up a company Credit Card with an opening balance
  9. Set up a manual system for collecting receipts and tracking when and what is entered into quick books
  10. If you have an existing client data base list then you can import this into Quick Books or Zip Books

Here are some videos that will help you to do your homework assignment. These along with many more can be found on YouTube. 

 Quick Books Tutorials

  1. QB Tutorial part One click here
  2. QB Tutorial part Two click here
  3. QB Tutorial part three click here
  4. QB Bank reconciliation part one click here
  5. QB Bank reconciliation part two click here