DogSmith Transitional Call #5 – The DogSmith Apps

The tasks on these calls have been set up in a specific way to expedite your transition. Please complete them in the correct order. Only submit requested information via the forms provided.  Before you transition onto the next call please check in with Sharon Nettles to cross reference everything is complete.

This  call will focus on the DogSmith application for Pet Care Services, Group Training classes and the Private Training and Behavior App.

Before you listen to the webinar please take the time to go to your website and complete each of the following forms as if you are a client. We learn from reflecting on experience so you need to experience these to facilitate reflection when you listen to the webinar

  1. Private Training
  2. Dog Behavior Consultation
  3. Contact Us
  4. Pet Care Reservation 

Please also set up a group class so you can experience how this works and then register for a class. TO make it easier for you to set up your  group-class-email-templates we have provided some templates for you here. These were developed by Lina so they have all her contact details on, you will need to change these before you use the emails. 

Once you have completed each of these exercises then please listen to this webcast about the best ways to use the software