DogSmith Transitional Call #3 – Your marketing

The tasks on these calls have been set up in a specific way to expedite your transition. Please complete them in the correct order. Only submit requested information via the forms provided.  Before you transition onto the next call please check in with Sharon Nettles to cross reference everything is complete.

This call is focused on your marketing, learning about marketing and the development of your marketing plan. 

Prior to our actual meeting please do the following. 

There is at least ten hours of webinars to watch and read.  Please schedule to do one to two hours a day over a five day period. When you have completed all of these tasks then please set up a call with Niki Tudge to begin your marketing tasks

  1. Please watch this short webinar on Product and Service Management
  2. Please watch this short webinar on Small Business Marketing, there are three parts. Part two and part three
  3. Please watch this short webinar on Small Business Selling
  4. Please watch this short webinar on Public Relations
  5. Please read the DogSmith Marketing Manual, Read it thoroughly so we can talk to these concepts in our meeting
  6. Please read the DogSmith Marketing Options document
  7. Please review again the DogSmith Brand Standards manual. Branding is an important part of your marketing plan 
  8. Watch these two short webinars on setting up your Business Facebook page. Part one and Part two

This call is all about Marketing and it builds the foundation skills to develop your own Marketing plan. 

Actionable Items – Meeting Three

As soon as you have watched all of the necessary webinars above you will now begin to build your marketing plan. For this you will need the following documents a) Marketing Options and b) Marketing Template .



Listen to this short audio file that will help you put this plan together.  These are the actionable items for you to work on in the development of your Marketing Plan with ideas and options from the document above. 

  1. If you would like to send emails out to your data base as you develop clients then you can set up an email account and we can link the sign up page on your home page. There are lots of options. an affordable option can be found here 
  2. Draft a marketing plan for the next four months using the DogSmith template above and the marketing options document and the actions below
  • Develop a list of ten partner vendors that you anticipate you would  like to work with over the next 12 months as referral partners
  • Identify as many as you can, local events, in your market place that you may choose to attend. You will then whittle this down to a minimum of 6 for your marketing plan
  • Identify two locations that you can hold FREE DogSmith Puppy sessions at (for marketing purposes)
  • Download the DogSmith friends and family email and personalise it. You can then schedule to send it out on your marketing plan
  • Determine a Grand Opening date for your business, if you are only launching some services first that is ok. You need a date to push for and a date to officially open
  • Build your Business Facebook page, twitter account and any other social media sites you plan to be active on
  • Identify 5 locations in your area where you can use public notice boards for marketing collateral
  • Upload your business listing to Google Local, Yahoo and Bing
  • Make a list of a minimum five local papers and radio stations that future press releases can be sent to. You will need name and email addresses
  • Download the  new DogSmith Press Release and personalise it so it's ready to send out
  • Ensure that your invoices, email, phone and all the touch points of your business are branded correctly.  
  • Based on your marketing plan develop a list of marketing supplies you will need to support your action tasks