DogSmith Transitional Call #2 – Your service pricing

The tasks on these calls have been set up in a specific way to expedite your transition. Please complete them in the correct order. Only submit requested information via the forms provided.  Before you transition onto the next call please check in with Sharon Nettles to cross reference everything is complete.


  1. The DogSmith BARKS Manual – The DogSmith BARKS manual is designed to help you get through some key assignments to get your official business open. It is now time to complete some of these assignments
      • Assignment # 1 & 2 Your Competition. You need to scan your environment and choose 2/3 competitors in your area across your service offerings and determine how much they are charging and for what. This information will help you develop your pricing matrix. You can store this information how you prefer, in excel or a word document. But you will need to have it on hand when we review and finalize your pricing matrix
      • Assignment # 5 Your business entity.
      • You need to register your D.B.A for your DogSmith business
      • Assignment # 4 Your Goal. We strongly recommend you develop your goals, these can be very motivating when you begin the challenge of opening and growing your business.
  2. DogSmith Services
  3. Your DogSmith Pricing 
    • Now that you have scanned your operating environment and have a better understanding of your DogSmith Services you can now develop your pricing 
    • First be sure you understand each service, it's service description and its service time
    • Once you have completed your pricing  you will then complete and  submit this form to Sharon who will update your pricing on your DogSmith website pricing page
  4. Your DogSmith Page & Misc.
    • You can now forward your domain name to your DogSmith home page
    • Be prepared to get and install your mobile payment system on your smart phone - there is a Paypal app we recommend. 
    • Contact Sharon to obtain your DogSmith toll free number extension for your email signature
    • Adding Testimonials. IF you have client testimonials to add to your webpage you can do them now. Go to your Knowledge Base and click on the link under the operational tab called “Add a testimonial” Copy them exactly as written by a client, we should not edit in any way a client’s words.
    • Double check your website - check that
      • your page links work
      • your menu represents services you perform
      • Your postal code/zip codes all work from the home page
  5. Set up your DogSmith Email signature – so all your emails are branded, professional and represent who and what we all are
  6. Set up your DogSmith VM – You can now set up your DogSmith Voicemail message
  7. If you are interested in blogging and want to link your blog to your homepage then email us your blog link. To start a FREE word press blog you can click here 
  8. Set up a Google Alert on your DogSmith business name so you can track internet activity on any postings referencing your business.